Vision & Values

Our School Vision

To be in right relationship with God, with ourselves and others, and with the environment/creation.

For our school community this means…

To be in right relationship with God we always do our best, we show respect for ourselves and we practise our Catholic faith. To be in right relationship with ourselves and others we follow the example of Jesus, we communicate well, we serve others, we contribute and we take care of ourselves. To be in right relationship with the environment/creation we take responsibility for our actions, we contribute to sustaining the environment, we look after our living world and we learn about the world around us.

Our Gospel Values

St Joseph’s Catholic School values are: To Love, to Learn, to Lead

Our School NZC Students will be encouraged to show these values:

To Love: showing equity, through fairness and social justice to respect themselves, others, and human rights.

To Learn: showing innovation, inquiry, and curiosity, by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively.

To Lead: showing excellence, by aiming high and by persevering in the face of difficulties community and participation for the common good.

To be Loyal: respecting diversity, as found in our different cultures, languages, and heritages integrity, which involves being honest, responsible, and accountable and acting ethically

For Life: valuing ecological sustainability, which includes care for the environment.

Aligning our school values to the NZ Curriculum as followers of Jesus Christ, St Joseph’s School is committed to holistic education, and the awareness of local, national and global social justice issues, supported by the values and teachings of the Catholic Church. These are embedded in our Catholic foundations and reflected in our mission statement: “Excellent Education befitting our Catholic Character”