Digital Technology

Digital Technology at St Joseph’s

Digital literacy and capability is well established at St Joseph’s School as the digital platform for learning and living continues to grow, with the necessity for students to be successful and safe users and participants. Years 4 – 8 have a BYOD chrome book option and all classrooms are equipped with a number of school chrome books in order to provide predominantly one to one use. In Years 1 – 3 iPads are provided for group work, alongside a small number of chrome books from Years 2 – 3. We are a Google Apps for Education school and are well resourced for digital technologies.

Students and teachers make connections through digital learning environments, and go beyond the classroom, sharing their learning through Seesaw, Google Drive and Google Sites. Teachers regularly access the web for tools and resources that enhance learning opportunities. Students build on their digital capabilities in a supportive, collaborative environment, and have equitable access to digital tools provided.

Linewize provides a safe platform for students’ digital use. See the flyers below for some valuable information.