The Arts at St Joseph’s

The Arts education explores challenges, affirms, and celebrates unique artistic expressions of self, community, and culture. – Learning in, through, and about The Arts stimulates creative action and response by engaging and connecting thinking, imagination, senses, and feelings. By participating in The Arts, students’ personal wellbeing is enhanced. (New Zealand Curriculum p 20)

The Arts is structured around four interrelated strands: Understanding the Arts in Context, Developing Practical Knowledge, Developing Ideas, and Communicating and Interpreting. Our students will have the opportunity to experience each strand of this learning area through all the four disciplines of dance, drama, music-sound arts, and visual art, throughout the year, utilizing the talents of teachers and learners.

Learners will be provided with regular instruction for all disciplines within The Arts, and teachers will allow opportunities for integration through Concept planning. Opportunity will be given for our students to express themselves through these disciplines, and develop further their art literacies as creators, presenters, viewers, and listeners.

Understanding of the vocabulary and conventions of The Arts, will enrich our students’ communication with others, encourage their creativity, provide them with other avenues to express themselves, and promote knowledge and understanding of other cultures, particularly Maori. They will be able to participate in, interpret, value, and enjoy The Arts throughout their lives.