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Restorative Justice

Day OneDiscussion around

Build Your Wild Self

Click on the link to Build YOur Wild Self.Build Your Wild SelfWe will be using these for our writing next week. Have fun creating!

Following prizegiving 2017

The beautiful Nativity scene.

Tangram Challenges

 Remember to use ALL seven tangrams. Slide, flip and turn them to make these shapes:

Sonshine Ranch

Sonshine Ranch, ClevedonWhat a fantastic day spent with all the Year 5 and 6 kids in the bush.Everyone in Room 4 attempted to do the lot!For the first time since Mrs Kenny has been going to the ranch every single student in R4 completed the Flying Fox - even the parents who were with us!  So proud of all my kids! I had a great day with all of youClick on the Sonshine Ranch page on...

Sonshine Ranch - Archery

Sonshine Ranch - rock climbing 


Writing Videos

Click a link to watch a video- then write about it!The Kid - Charlie ChaplinThe Magical Movie Theatre

Mission day

Proud students.

More proud students.



Baptism celebration




Decimal Work Wednesday

Please complete the MAKING CHANGE game

2017 fun


Junior Cardboard box Rally Race

Cardboard car rally race

Room 12 getting ready for the big race.

Car Rally box competition

The Junior team had fun today making their cardboard box cars getting them ready to enter the Pukekohe Cardboard Car Rally. Don’t they look fantastic! These are some of Room 12’s cars

Saints A to Z

We made Saint puppets today using the letters of the alphabet. Lots of fun!

Fantastic Friday

Fantastic Friday


Praying to Saint Joseph

Fantastic Friday

Learning as it happens every day in Room 10

Drawing the tallest man in the world.Practicing our...

Team Fun Day Term 3

Exodus journey

Journeying together

Challenge and pools


We loved learning the cool dances from Footsteps this term.



Reading Observation

Fleur De Farias, AP, observed my reading lesson today.Here is the link to her report.

More winners from Room 4!

Room 4 students are amazing!Congratulations to Sonia (1st) and Etikeni (2nd) in the Franklin Pasifica Speech competition.We're all very proud of you

Ti Rakau Sticks

Farewell Sr. Bernadette

Thanks choir


Pasifika Languages Week

This week the Middle Team have been celebrating Pasifika Languages Week.Yesterday we made ula/kahoa/salusalu or leis. We have tried coconuts and bananas cooked in coconut milk. Today we made canoes and created some awesome art work. Here we are with our fantastic canoes....

Lei making


How's that?

Daffodil Day

Great to see so many students from Room 4 supporting raising money for Cancer


Congratulations to the High Voltage team who won the Franklin Epro8 Challenge. They are now off to Regional finals.


Lesson on China 

Franklin Schools Netball Tournament

We had a great day with wonderful skills and sportsmanship shown. 

Soccer at school

Choir Songs to Practise

Aotearoa - Sign Language Believe - Shawn MenesI See the Light (soloist only)Just Hold OnNo Matter Where You ArePARADISEHere is the link for Paradise Chords and WordsJust Like FireYou've Got a Friend in MeTry EverythingCan't Stop the FeelingCount on Me (Harmony)

Giving Praise to God

Today we have been learning about giving praise to God and what that means. We learnt that we can give praise and glory to God through prayer, song and dance. Psalms are songs of praise to God. We enjoyed making microphones which we used to sing along to Psalm 95.1 "Make a Joyful Noise". 

Forest Information Pages

Use these webpages to help you research your group's chosen type of forest:Click on the type of forst you want to study -->Boreal (or Taiga) ForestTropical Forest...

Football fun


Basketball Training

We're warming up this morning with a great basketball session. ...

Football Exhibition at School


WindsocksThis term we have been learning about the Holy Spirit.  We learnt that the Holy Spirit is like the wind. You can't see wind but you can feel it and you can see the effects that it has on different things eg the leaves blowing.  We made windsocks for the science display....

Fantastic FridayOver the last few weeks we have been doing portraits.  Each week the children created different types of portraits - self portraits, career portraits and portraits using paper cutting.  Children from different classes in the Junior Team got to choose what they wanted to do/learn about.  Look at our cool portraits!...

End of Term 2 10 Pin Bowling

Our team is the DREAM TEAM . . .  so, we celebrated with a movie and tean Pin Bowling at the Cossie club. ...

Home Learning Awards

Congratulations to our HLC award recipients for Gold, Silver and Bronze 

Home learning challenges

Ten Pin Bowling 

Term 2: Science Projects

Self Propelled Vehicles   ...

Can wind make vehicles move?

Our Writing about the COLD

COLD COLD!!!! It was a foggy, freezing morning, the wind was howling like a werewolf. There was snow falling as fast as lightning.It was as cold as ice.It was pouring with rain, it was like someone was pouring a bucket of water from the sky.The freezing frost was covering all of the earth.The trees were covered with thick white snow.By Jorja   Cold by Sophia

  1. The...

Term Two Visit From the Fire Service

Learning About Fire SafetyFire fighterBeep beep I heard the fire truck. I was so excited to see the fire truck. Everyone was so amazed to see the fire truck.  Everyone then went into the fire truck and the firefighter...

Making Maths come alive

                                                                                                        Learning about...

Ukulele for Beginners

If you're not a beginner, please go to the Ukulele Songs Page above to practice.

Water cycle


Pukekohe Fire brigade visit


Fantastic Friday

Leonardo De Vinci- Mona Lisa    

Fantastic Friday

Edvard Munch -The Scream    

Fantastic Friday

Vincent Van Gogh-A Starry Night   


Learning to play squash

Barbarians rugby

Student led workshops

Science Fun

In Term 2 we had great fun experimenting with Electricity circuits. Some of us even showed that we have a special ability for this type of work....

A Visit from the Pukekohe Fire ServiceIn Room 9 we have been learning about keeping safe when there is a fire.  We learnt that we need to Get Down ! Get Low! Get Out!  We were also lucky enough to have a visit from the Pukekohe Fire Service.  We had fun looking at all their equipment and we even got to sit inside the Fire Engine....

What's the big idea? Storylines

Maths Antics - Division Algorithm

Long Division is here Below

Writing in Room 9Today we did our writing on white boards. We are learning to listen to the initial sound when we are writing a word.  We made our own sentences using the words WENT and LIKE....

Long Multiplication Tutorial

Dance Group 2

Wind Propelled Vehicles

Fantastic Friday 26/5/17

     Today we learn about the herbivore called the Triceratop. We made posters about them. Here they are 😀

Wind powered tehnology

Franklin Soccer

Congratulations to our Ywar 5 Girls who came first today in the Franklin Soccer Tournament in Tuakau. All teams should be proud of their efforts.  

My precious class

Room 3 Assembly

Well done Room 3, you are excellent role models for our school. So proud of each and every one of you. You gave me goosebumps!

More T-Rex posters


Fantastic Friday


We are learning about the Holy Spirit


Jack loves motorbikes

Jack and some other boys are really enjoying reading about motorbikes, and dirt bikes. 

Learning through free choice

What do children do in class when they have a fair amount of free choice in the activities they engage in? Here are but a few things in a day.Finger painting, turned into hand painting and given the chance...

Easter Liturgy

What a beautiful Liturgy about the Easter Story.Here are the guards carrying Jesus` body to the tomb....

Learning about shapes

There is no better way of learning about things than to be physically involved and working with them.Here they are discovering the things that they can make out of shapes. Rich shape conversation can be heard throughout the classroom....

Writing in class

                                                It is great fun writing with gel pens!...

Room 5 Maths Term 1 Week 2

Please select Multiplication Word problems to practise. Here is the link:Multiplication Word Problems



Room 3 has the "coolest" kids around!


Census 2017

Room 3 using measurement, statistics and fun to take part in the 2017 Census....

Monarch Butterflies

This term was all about Monarch Butterflies. Alyssa brought in two swan plants and they even had some caterpillars on them. One was ready to become a crysalis. Mrs Wallace took them home to babysit (just in case they got lost in the classroom) and she woke up to find the caterpillar like this....

Mufti DayRoom 9 had fun dressing up for Mufti Day.  We raised money for Bellyful.Fantastic FridayOver the past few weeks we have been doing Fantastic Friday in the Junior Team.  Children from different classes chose the topic that they...

Palm Sunday LiturgyIn Room 9 we made our own palm leaves for Palm Sunday.  We dressed up and acted out the Palm Sunday story.  The children waved their palms and we sang Hosana.....


Making a difference in the community. Great to get feedback from one of the places where we volunteered. 

Egg experiment

We had 30 eggs that we covered in vinegar, we found we had to leave them for more than the 24 hours that was suggested. Many didn't make it through the washing stage. We ended up with 6 bouncy eggs, in trying to see what height they bounced from we discovered that they weren't made for 4 square! Lots of laughter occurred through the process😃...



Presenting our Inquiries

Planet Earth and Beyond.... some very creative ways to demonstrate our understanding of our Solar System....


What was school like for New Zealand children 100 years ago?

Palm Sunday Liturgy

Today is the Friday before Palm Sunday. We made Palm Leaves to wave during the liturgy. The Middle Team re-enacted Jesus being welcomed into Jerusalem. We had a student ride his horse around the bottom field and all the other students from the Middle Team followed behind....

Dance Sessions


Wow what a term!

Swimming, softball, Stardome, cricket, Rippa and the list goes on... Here are just a few pics from our term.    

Mangere Mountain

Here are some pictures from our fabulous day on Mangere Mountain....


We were lucky to have Cricket NZ come and give us 2 lessons. Here are some photos....

Djembe Drumming Tutorial 1

The visitation



Buddy Time

Today our buddy class came to visit. They showed us how to log on and off and some things you can do using Google Chrome. Thanks Room 5!...

Yeast inquiry day

We had so much fun being scientists today and conducting experiments with yeast. We found out that as yeast ferments it gives of a gas. We captured the yeast in some balloons.    ...

How far away are the planets?

Using toilet paper to give us some idea of just how far apart all the planets are from the sun and one another. ...

Swimming Lessons

This week we had our last swimming safely lessons. Here we are using the life jackets. ...

Prayer session

Today we had Father Dom and the students from the discipleship college came to present a special prayer session.

Octagons Group Decimal Addition Video

Please watch 4 minutes of this online tutorial and try some decimal addition of your own!Maths Antics Video - Decimal Addition

Welcome Room 3 Class of 2017!

The Big Playground

Today we went to have a play on the Big Kids playground after everyone had gone back to class. It was such an awesome adventure!...

Shrove Tuesday

Today we celebrated the day before the beginning of Lent by making pancakes in class. They were delicious!!!...

Addition and Subtraction Practice

Room 5 Maths Group - Monday 6 MarchClick this link for addition and subtraction tasks: Mathplayground Addition and Subtraction Games

Welcome to2017

Swimming Sports - more chanting!

Swimming Sports Chanting Video

Swimming Sports 2017 - Chants

Swimming Sports 2017


Developing fine motor skills

We have been learning how to make the letter-l-, or tall stick as we know it. Many of the children have undeveloped pencil grips, so we have been working on strengthening this using chopsticks. Other skills developed here are colour matching, concentration...

Learning in room 10


Room One 2017 first Maths lesson

Today we learnt about graphs. Everyone worked very hard to create this awesome graph of our birthdays. We could see that August was a very month for birthdays in Room One!

Welcome to Room One 2017

This term our concept isTūrangawaewae - A Place To StandJohn 4:19 NIV  We love because he first loved us.He tina ki runga, he tamore ki raro- contentment above, firmly rooted from below. Happiness in life comes from knowing your culture, family and heritage.I understand how and where I belong in my Whānau, Church, school and community. PrinciplesFoundation & LeadershipTreaty of...

Learning through play

                     I love the way these boys work together. Serious problem-solving. Together they decide and continually run ideas past each other. They good manners and encourage each other.

Learning through play

I love the problem solving that is happening here. Not giving up, even though the glue stick was clearly not doing the job. Again, checking in with peers about ideas on how to improve the construction.

Big box creations


Discovering that the sand particles are attracted to magnets.

These boys were playing in the sandpit. They added the magnetic letters to play with and accidently found particles "magic sand" sticking to the magnets. Here they are collecting the metal particles from West Coast sand.

Welcome to Room 2's blog page for 2017

Room 2Term 1Add captionOur Place to Stand ...

Explorers WebQuest

Click on the WebQuest banner to go to the Explorers WebQuest!

Maths is Magical!

Recreate the paper on the table.let's try to talk this through......

Folk Dancing Photos

Thank you to everyone who came to our Folk Dance Display last Term...

Class Badges Reward Day

Well done everyone for taking on the challenge and conquering Class Badges. Hope you had a great day  ...

St Anne's Shield

Well done everyone for your wonderful attitude and behaviour on the day. And Well done Rippa Rugby Yr 7&8 girls!! ...

Great day as Gymnastics

Great to see so many of you pushing your limits and trying so many new activities! ...

Middle Team Samoan Arts Group

We have learning about Samoan stories, Samoan art and dance.  Here is the Sasa Mrs Ali helped us learn.

Trap Ideas

Use this website to help find some ideas for your group's animal trap.Click here

Crazy Maths Hats for Maths Week

Botanic Gardens Trip


NZ Maths Challenge 2016

This week for maths week we are participating in the NZ Maths Challenge! Here's the link, just use your mathletics login detailsNZ MATHS CHALLENGE

NZ Maths Challenge 2016

This week for maths week we are participating in the NZ Maths Challenge! Here's the link, just use your mathletics login detailsNZ MATHS CHALLENGE

NZ Maths Challenge 2016

This week for maths week we are participating in the NZ Maths Challenge! Here's the link, just use your mathletics login detailsNZ MATHS CHALLENGE

Poi E

Use the link to practice the song     Poi E song

Learning about Coastal Erosion


Tennis clinic


Cultural Time - Student leading

Keziah teaching a group how to make Poi - Awesome leadership Keziah?

Stars wars mufti day

Thanks for supporting the Yr 7 n 8 Camp everyone. You looked fantastic!...

Drum show 2016


Rhythm Interactive Drum Show

We had a fun time today learning how to drum and about how drums were used as cellphones before there were phones to send messages.

Yr 7 & 8 Netball tournament

A wonderful time had by all! ...


This week we have been learning about symmetry and tessellation. Today we put some of our learning into a picture of a garden. Our maths links with Religious Education where we are learning about God being present in creation and our concept of conservation and creation.Here are some pictures of our work - in progress...

Welcome back to Term Three.  Here is our focus for the next 9 weeks.Term Three 2016To be in right relationship with God, Others and the EnvironmentConservation, Creation and CultureI understand that I need to respect all of God’s creation.‘God saw everything that He had made and indeed, it was very good.’ Genesis 1:31 Principals Values Environment: I care for the EarthTrinity: Matua,...

Year 5 & 6 Rugby team


Night Zookeeper  Great ideas for you to try to become a creative writer

Visiting the Science Fair Display at Puke High

Great to see how our entries held up to the other schools! Wonderful work everyone!

Mathletics Progress Reports for Parents

Dear Room 8 ParentsOne of our e-Learning strategic goals this year is to engage parents digitally with their children's learning. Sign up for FREE Mathletics progress updates about your child in 3 easy steps: 1) Visit 2) Complete the form and click “...

Mathletics Progress Reports for Parents

Dear Room 2 ParentsOne of our e-Learning strategic goals this year is to engage parents digitally with their children's learning. Sign up for FREE Mathletics progress updates about your child in 3 easy steps: 1) Visit 2) Complete the form and click “...

Mathletics Progress Reports for Parents

Dear Room 4 ParentsOne of our e-Learning strategic goals this year is to engage parents digitally with their children's learning. Sign up for FREE Mathletics progress updates in 3 easy steps: 1) Visit 2) Complete the form and click “Submit” 3)...

Mathletics Progress Reports

Dear Room 7 ParentsOne of our e-Learning strategic goals this year is to engage parents digitally with their children's learning. Sign up for FREE Mathletics progress updates on your child's achievement in 3 easy steps:1) Visit 2) Complete the form and...

Mathletics Progress Reports

Dear Room 1 ParentsOne of our e-Learning strategic goals this year is to engage parents digitally with their children's learning. Sign up forFREE Mathletics progress updates in 3 easy steps: 1) Visit 2) Complete the form and click “Submit” 3) Look out...

Our science fair projects


Access to water

Today we compared the population of areas of the world to how much fresh water they had.  We found out it wasn't always fair.  Many people don't have enough We broke into groups to use our thinking hats to discuss the issue. You can find out more about the Thinking Hats Tool at the bottom of this post....

Fantastic Science Fair Entries Room 3!


Water Care Lesson #1

Water Care Lesson #1On Thursday 9th June the Middle Team had our first lesson from Water Care.  First we experiemnted with the different states water can come in - solid (ice), liquid (water) and gas (water vapour/steam).We were reminded about the water cycle and then took it one step further...  We learnt how the water gets to our homes and schools! We learnt about how people use...

Evaporation Experiments

Evaporation ExperimentsIt was one of those annoying 'stop-and-start' showery days but did Room 7 complain?... No way! We made the most out of the rain and took the opportunity to see evaporation in action.  First we made groups and armed with chalk and an iPad we headed outside to find a puddle to trace around. We then waited for the sun to come out and saw how much the puddle could...

Rm 3's Running Man

Holy Spirit

Today we presented our first Religious Inquiries about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost.Here is some of our work.   ...

Auckland Museum: Volcano Study

Last Wednesday we had a great trip to the Auckland Museum to learn all we could about Volcanoes.Josh was our teacher at the learning Centre . . . he was great! We learnt all about types of volcanoes and kinds of rock that are associated with...

NYLD 2016

Always an inspiring event at National Young Leader's Day! See you next year!...

The Daredevil Writing Group

Our target writing group is hard at work each day to improve  their writing skills.

Catholic School's Day 2016

So great to have St Mary's Papakura come spend the day with us. Looking forward to another round of Capture the Flag. God bless!...

Term 2

We have hit the ground running with our Science Fair projects, speeches, must do's and RE assessments.The students in Room 14 are working hard on their organisation and they have the option to use a weekly planner, organiser and/or checklist to support them in this area of their learning.I look forward to posting pictures of some interesting Science projects in the coming weeks.

Some strange little people live in Room 4!BUT... they are my strange ones...

Great Assembly at the start of Term 2 - the class celebrated Ascension & Pentecost with a lovely liturgy...

Did I forget to mention... Swimming Sports!

It all seems so long ago, where jumping in a pool seems like an every minute need with the sweltering sun sending sweat trickling down our backs.Believe it or not Swimming Sports was a mere few weeks ago, and as hosts of the North Group Swimming, we also got to enjoy ourselves a bit at the end. Afterall swimming is an exhausting sport....

Holy Week

Working hard on our collaborative Holy Week Timeline.A perfect example of technology and 'old school' techniques working together. ...

Week 8 Life Education

Weeks 8 and 9 saw us enter a classroom inside a bus.Was pretty cool, with all the pretty lights and interactives.It was the content that was the most interesting though.Choices, decisions, rights, responsibilities, leadership... and then some.

Week 7 - Voting for a change...or Not!

This term our Intermediates were involved with their own kids voting referendum called: Kids Vote,They were tasked with studying the history of NZ's flag as well as other commonwealth flags, what a flag means to a country and essentially how they would like their flag to represent them.They were also tasked with looking at both sides of the debate, come up with three strong reasons as to why they...

So much we have done, so little time to post about it!

Where to start!Week 6:In week 6 we were in charge of presenting an assembly to the school.Room 15 made the decision of sharing The Beatitudes with the school.I believe one students reasoning for this was "not a lot of people know The Beatitudes like we do, it's our job to share them".Two amazing things happened that day.1. Our assembly which was very effective, every class got a poster about The...

Welcome to 2016

It has been a great start to the year for Room 14. The students are working towards creating a response to the topic, 'My place in the world'.In the coming weeks different students will share stories about their learning through this inquiry. We look forward to showcasing the great talent in Room 14 throughout the year. 

Jacob brought some friends to visit us on Friday - Lots of excitment!

Morgan wrote this amazing acrostic poem about the value of Patience. Thanks for sharing Morgan!What does PATIENCE stand for:P - for peace,prayer and a positive attitudeA - for attitude and adjustmentT - thankfulnessI - insight and imitating GodE - expecting that all will be well N- not giving in to the negative thoughtsC - caring for everybody around youE - expecting more of God’s graceBy Morgan

Rocky Shore Food Web

We have been learning to classify animals that live on the rocky shore into different categories depending on what and how they eat.We learned about:

  • Producers
  • Grazers
  • Filter Feeders
  • Predators
  • Scavengers
We worked in pairs to figure out which marine animals and plants fitted into each category....

Clarke's Beach Trip

Clarke's Beach TripOn Wednesday 2nd March Rooms 1, 2 and 7 went to Clarke's Beach on a trip to learn more about the rocky shore.  We worked in groups to find as many creatures and plants as possible and identify them.  We worked hard hunting out things to fill in our scavenger hunt lists.  We ticked off the living things we could identify on our Rocky Shore Guides, as well as study...

Room 4    2016What an angelic group!Looking forward to an amazing year with all of you - let's have fun together and learn heaps!

Performing Arts Choices

Our Performing Arts rotation begins on Tuesday 8 March and you can choose what discipline you wish to do first. You will get the chance to do all of them over the next 2 terms.  Please enter your FIRST and SECOND choices for our performing arts block, using the link below....

Swimming with Room 15

I can't stop smiling... and here's why!Today marked the dreaded swimming assessment. 200m, or in the case of our tiny 10m pool, 20 laps. When our class first started, only half could swim 100m. It has since been 4 weeks since the beginning of the sessions taught by the wonderful Fulton Swim School. I am so proud of my whole class. Every single one of my room 15 angels improved drastically. The...

Amie's Story Starter #1

Dear Diary Today was the worst, it was school photo day. And it did not go well, it all started when I woke up.I looked in the mirror and to my disgust there was the biggest, reddest zit on the end of my nose, and so there I was looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I decided to stick a skin coloured plaster on my nose, I was sure that wouldn’t show in the photos and it went well with my...

Welcome to Room 15 2016

This is our own little slice of learning, our 5th wall if you like, where students put up their writing, blogging, photos, videos, you name it.Keep an eye out! Week 4 will see us publishing our story starters! Have a read! Keep an eye out for a new topic to post next Friday.Reminders: Mass on FridayWeek 6: Assembly - We are presenting! 

Trip Day

Cello news

Trip Day - Pre School to Big School


Room 11

Room 11

Term 4Let's have fun with Science!  Want to try some awesome experiments at home?  Click the link below to see amazing things to learn about and try Junior Inventors - Science ExperimentsWe have just starting getting used to Coding - it's awesome fun!Try the link below to see what you can do.Coding

Amazing Authors

Have a look at the 'Amazing Authors' page where we are sharing some of our writing.At the moment we are working on aspects of Narrative writing.

The Polygon Song

Fun with paper mache

10, 9, 8 7 ,.........Space Shuttle creating begins!Add caption ...


The intermediate students are loving our art project!! Class Mosaics!Check out the progress!!!...

Science investigation!

Term 2 is all about our Science Investigations! Have a look at the link to see what is expected and the guidelines for the students.Click on the link below to check it out!Science investigation

ANZAC Inquiry!

Some examples of the amazing work by students in Room 14!!

Hockey Lessons!!

We loved the hockey lessons this week!We learnt some great new skills. We are very happy they have donated brand new hockey sticks to our school!!! 

Welcome to all the new and old students of Room 14. We are off to a great start with the arrival of new furniture and Chromebooks!! 

Intermediate Summit Dinner


We learnt a lot from our Energise session. We learnt what we should be having in our school lunches. The students also learnt how much sugar there is in a lot of the food we eat for our school lunches. We look forward to Wednesdays session where we will learn how much fat there is in TAKEAWAYS!...

Student led fitness!

The students of Room 14 have been enjoying our new student led fitness initiative. A student has to plan a fitness lesson and then take the class for fitness. They are enjoying coming up with creative ideas to get our class super fit!! Keep it up!Miss Leger is taking Room 14...


Room 14 are enjoying learning about patterns and rules. The kids love hands on work and they find it helps their understanding of Algebra.

We had a great day at School Cross Country yesterday!! Room 14 had some great results!! Caleb was the Year 8 Boys winner, Keegan was the Year 7 Boys winner. Bridget was the Year 8 Girls winner. Sina came in a close second and Olivia followed in third for the Year 7 Girls.  It was great to see everyone trying their best and participating! Great work!...

Putting the Rubbish in the right pile!Learning about the different recycling groups...

The Boys had  a great day at the Franklin Netball Tournament! Placing 2nd! well done boys!The Year 7 and 8 girls placed 1st in their grade! well...

Welcome to Room 14's Blog !!!In Room 14 we love to read!!